Hello again, World!

27 October 2013

So, after ten months, my blog is out on the web again. This time without the assistance of iWeb, but as a homebrew, so it's a lot uglier, but I can do whatever I want. So what happened during these ten months? What not... I passed the two most important university exams with shitty marks and did a seminar, so I now have “only” the diploma thesis remaining. I started a relationship and we broke up after less than two months – but we remained good friends. I saw Iron Maiden seven times. And Rammstein once, and British Lion once. I missed The Wall... I bought a motorbike, and rode 10000 kilometres with it. In September I went through a hard motivation crisis, but got out of it. On 16 November I'm flying to the USA and on 18 is the new beginning. People often ask me if I'm looking forward to it. I don't have much time to look forward to it... but it's happening more and more often. Initially, my intention was to complete the thesis before I go, but this is no longer possible, so I'll be writing from there. At least I'll try to get the code done by then... Actually, I intended to start in early October, but at some point it was evident that I can't be ready by then. Unfortunately this point was after I had terminated the contract for my room – three months in advance, as required – so I'm now staying at some temporary places. I'm still in good ol' Kirchfeld, so I'm running on the same old routes, and go to Hoepfner once in a while to break some four-year-old records. My TopCoder rating is quite high at the moment, though this is mainly due to luck, so don't expect to break any records in the near future, most likely, the rating will soon collapse back to normal values.

With this summary I didn't close the ten-month blogging gap... but in future posts I'll be certainly going back to that time...

By the way, the old site is still accesible at http://www.orlinkolev.net/old.