Chaos and friends

10 November 2013

I spent the first half of the past week in diverse nonsense, mostly bureaucratic and mostly related to my relocation. I hardly did any work on my thesis, which led to this known mixed feeling of despair and anger...

The second part of the week was a lot more pleasant: I spent it with some good friends and the White Stallion. On Thursday I took a friend who bought his own motorcycle. After that, and on Friday in Stuttgart, and on Saturday in Munich, I met other friends. In Munich we also visited the BMW Museum, which a few months ago became a must for me. Looking back, maybe I shouldn't have filled the tank, because hopefully next week the Stallion will be picked up by some company that will bring it to America. Well, it certainly wouldn't be hard to decide where to burn the excessive gasoline! It it however possible that things don't work out; I may have to leave the machine here until next spring, when I'll be coming to make a presentation of my thesis.

I was really happy to meet all these friends... and looking forward to doing the same next week in America!