Nearly there?

23 March 2014

Musala South Face

In the afternoon of 21 August 2007 I was hiking up the south face of the Musala peak. The last climb look short, but it's steep and the path is zig-zagging up the slope, so it's harder than it looks. On that day I was hiking from Ribni Ezera to Borovets and at that moment I had been going for eight hours and had another five between the peak and Borovets. Being tired, I was making frequent stops, gasping, looking at the summit before me, and thinking — once up there, I'm nearly in Borovets! Despite actually having additional five hours of walking. But they were all downhill.

Now I'm in such a state with writing the thesis and also my project in Facebook. I have to bite the bullet and keep going without too many pauses, otherwise the night will find me in the middle of the forest and the bears will eat me!