8 June 2014

Around the beginning of 2010 I started drinking energy drinks. The initial idea was to use them only when I'm really drowsy, but have a lot to do. At the beginning this was probably what I was doing, but the situation escallated quickly, and in a few months' time I was drinking regularly, and I think by the end of the year my consumption had reached and maybe surpassed one litre per day. In May this year I was adding 1-2 cups of coffee on top of that. Sounds scary... I hadn't tried to log my consumption (probably the only thing in my life I don't log!), but these estimates sound quite realistic. In part, the ritual of drinking a Red Bull was a way of procrastination. I could hardly feel the stimulating effect... my body seemed to have adapted to the rate of caffeine intake.

I had decided to turn the page on Saturday last week and eradicate this habit. Since then I've only had a coke or two, which is a negligible amount of caffeine, compared to my previous doses, but now I'm strict about Coke as well. It wasn't as hard as I thought. It hasn't happened a lot that I've been drowsy, but I have to say I spend more time sleeping than I would like. For example, I had a 2-3 hour afternoon nap today... with the excuse that the internet was down; fortunately it was back up when I woke up. Yesterday I hardly managed to get up at 8:50, just in time for TopCoder Open Round 2B at 9:00. I solved one problem and fell asleep again. I had a snowball's chance in hell to qualify anyway, but I managed to increase my rating substantially and I'm yellow again!

I am undertaking a massive attack agains other habits as well. It is working out, which motivates me. However, I still haven't managed to turn these successes into increased productivity.