24 August 2014

San Mateo - Hayward Bridge

Some people have that place where they go alone, escape reality and immerse themselves in their thoughts and dreams... that place where their troubles and sorrows cannot reach them... then they come back, stronger and wiser, to carry on with their plights. I too have such a refuge... it's not a place, though, but a seat, handlebars and 86 Nm of torque that should pull me out of the vicious circle of guilt, shame and despair.

The roads I roam are often boring, but even those rides energise me. And then sometimes I see something beautiful that leaves a longer-lasting memory (well, or, as we could see last week, I tumble, which also leaves long-lasting memories). Today: the glittering sunlight in waves of the Bay that I saw from the San Mateo — Hayward bridge. Usually when I ride there the water is flat, but now it was windy.

Shortly thereafter I got back home... war eternal...