Enemy Within

4 January 2015

With my recent obsession with Arch Enemy, I have been wondering, who is my arch enemy? I thought there isn't really anyone I would call an enemy, let alone an arch enemy. But one day I realised — my arch enemy, that's me. Or as the band themselves put it — Enemy Within. The song in question, from the 2001 Wages of Sin album, describes the scenario of the enemy having won; the good side of the person having lost to the dark side, which brings the person on a downward spiral of self-destruction.

I find songs about suicide eerily motivating. Whenever I'm giving in to weakness, they are telling me — this is where you're going, this is where you will get if you don't do something about it. Suicidal songs are best served with ice-cold vodka, albeit one should make sure it is in such a quantity that one remains conscious of one's actions.