Because the Night Belongs to...

15 December 2013

...hackers! This week we had a hackathon (see Wikipedia), at which, for the first time in a while, I felt the intense excitement of creative work. I coded the whole night, and excitement was stronger than fatigue and pushing me on. I was trying to optimise some code from the depths of the site; my first attempts were way behind the acceleration I hoped to achieve, but with some improvements I got to promising results! There's still some tuning to do, and I hope to get the thing in production after the holidays.

I wasted a lot of time and nerves in logistical and administrative nonsense because of my several moves, and I had forgotten the thrill of doing something really exciting. But I got the end in sight! I just moved to my long-term residence. Unfortunately I don't yet have internet there, but I'm going to sort it out soon, as well as some less important stuff, such as assembling the furniture.