From 1735 to 1293

29 December 2013

This is the change of my TopCoder rating from November until now. Several times I'd open the easy problem and gaze at it without a single thought. As if I couldn't turn my brain on. The same sometimes happens at work. I need a rest. My last break for more than three days was in June 2010. But I now have no time at all for anything like that, so I'll have to deal with it while on the run.

As far as TopCoder is concerned, I at least have 14 consecutive contests without missing one. Also, I'm blogging for the tenth consecutive Sunday. Since my daily life has been in chaos for several months, I greatly appreciate such small successes in achieving stability.

By the way, the time for new year resolutions is coming... I'm generally not really fond of them, but this time the new year meets me in such a moment that by coinicdence I will participate in the tradition.