One thousand lonely days of RAGE ahead!

9. ноември 2014

RAGE is my new mental strategy for improving everything about myself that I care about. It's something I should be thinking about whenever I feel like succumbing to some counterproductive temptation. The four components are:

Rise — from being the loser I currently am to the person I want to be;
Acquit — myself of the guilt brought by my past failures;
Grow — stronger from this which did not kill me;
Excite — myself about whatever I'm doing as I have a reason to be doing it.

RAGE because I am angry at myself because of all the opportunities I've missed and I deserve to have some torture brought upon myself as a punishment.

I just realised this post makes more sense if you think of there being two people inside me. That's not quite the state I want. I must kill one of the two. With fire! And RAGE!

By the way, the title is a line from the song The Invisible Boy by W. A. S. P., except in the song it is “ago”, not “ahead.”