Boxes, continued

19 January 2014

(Part 1: here.)

The furniture is assembled, in its place and functional (apart from a few shelves I got just yesterday), and the household crap shipment from Germany has arrived. Well, the stuff is still mostly lying on the floor... In the meantime I joined a team and now I'm in a process of orientation within. The day all is sorted out will come very soon, I can say.

So now that I have some stable foundation to support me, I should “switch on” my new year resolutions. These are, to with a lot more focus, to cycle to work whenever practicable, and a few more. In addition, I set some goals. By the end of the year I should push the number of days when I've got up early higher than the number of the remaining days. The same for the days I haven't drunk any energy drinks. Also, I should push the number of runs with average speed over 12 km/h higher than the number of slow runs and skipped trainings. All this since May last year when I started writing these things down &mdash I have a lot to make up for!

The motto: “Strong spirit in a strong body!”