28 December 2014

2014 will be remembered as a shitty year, hopefully the shittiest one of my life. It started with a lot of stress related to the relocation, and my difficulties integrating into my team. My project went really slowly. In addition, I was trying to work on my diploma thesis over the whole year, postponing the deadline over and over again. My intention was to work on weekends, but I was too tired and lacked the willpower to do this properly, so it went horribly slowly as well. At times I was wondering if there's anything I'm good for; at others, I was apathetically drifting through the days, not interested in anything. I tried to break out of this state dozens of times, only to fall back again. The whole year somehow seemed not to have happened at all, I keep skipping it when I try to calculate how long ago something happened. And in 2014 hardly anything happened. It went like a trance... but it will soon be in the past. Yesterday is dead and gone!