7 September 2014

“One should fight for themselves and not rely on others. Appreciate and enjoy the present day.”

This is what my grandmother said at the end of her biographical interview last year when I asked her about the most important lesson in her life. A life that came to an end today, several weeks after she had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I hoped I could meet her again to tell her that I will always remember her with her smile, and that I am deeply impressed by her tireless selflessness. I couldn't even call her. But her message to us remains... and I should really pay more attention to it.

And tomorrow it's two years since my father's death. As I was battling my problems, he was trying to help me with his advice; sometimes it didn't work, and then I promised him I'll find my way and be happy someday. That day is yet to come, but I'm on my way...